New Nintendo Direct Rumored to Happen Very Soon

Nintendo's next Direct for 2023 could be happening in mere days.

A new rumor has come about and has claimed that Nintendo's next Direct presentation will be happening in the very near future. So far in 2023, Nintendo has held two proper Direct showcases with one taking place in February and the other happening back in June. In each of these broadcasts, Nintendo unveiled new games such as Super Mario RPG, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Metroid Prime Remastered, and Detective Pikachu Returns, to name a few. Now, before the fall season arrives, it sounds like Nintendo is planning to have another new Direct to further expand on many of these forthcoming games for Nintendo Switch

When Is the Next Nintendo Direct?


In a new post from an insider named Zippo, Nintendo is said to be looking to hold its next Direct for 2023 as early as this coming week. More often than not, Nintendo tends to hold a Direct of some sort in September on an annual basis. In 2023, it sounds like Nintendo won't be deviating from this trend as the publisher is looking to show off more of the many titles that it plans to release in the coming months. 

"Expect this Direct to have another heavy focus on Mario, with new looks at Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Super Mario RPG, [and] Princess Peach's new game, among others. I think some more GameCube remasters are very likely as well," Zippo wrote in their latest blog. "I'm hearing that this Direct likely will air sometime in the first two weeks of September."

In an ensuing update to this blog, Zippo went on to note that they've since received new information from sources that have suggested this Direct could happen at some point within the coming days. A specific date for this Direct was not provided, but Zippo did note that if the stream happened on Thursday, August 31, this would technically be September 1 for those in Japan. As such, this September 2023 window for the Direct might still come to pass, but its timing would differ depending on the part of the world that viewers live in. 

What's Next for Nintendo Switch?

(Photo: Nintendo)

As mentioned, Nintendo already has a variety of games lined up to launch before the end of 2023 with Super Mario Bros. Wonder likely serving as the publisher's biggest Switch title of all. As for 2024, Nintendo hasn't provided too many details of what it intends to release in the next calendar year. Currently, the only first-party exclusives that are known about include the untitled Princess Peach game and a new remaster of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

By far the biggest thing that many Nintendo fans continue to wait for is the announcement of Switch 2, which is assumed to be the company's next console. Currently, many reports and rumors have suggested that the Switch follow-up won't launch until the second half of 2024. Assuming that this information is accurate, it seems all but guaranteed that no new details regarding this Switch successor will come about during the next Direct.