Nintendo Releases New Metroid Dread Trailer and "The Powers of Samus" Overview

Nintendo shared a new trailer for Metroid Dread this week alongside another of its occasional [...]

Nintendo shared a new trailer for Metroid Dread this week alongside another of its occasional reports that offer up more information about Samus Aran and her next adventure. This time, the trailer showed the apparent crash landing of Samus and a general overview of where we're at now in the Metroid story while the latest report titled "The Powers of Samus" talked about her abilities, suit, and more about the Metroid Dread version of the character.

The trailer below shows off close to two minutes of Metroid Dread animations as Samus descends from space. Once she's landed on the planet, we see Samus wearing a different suit than the one that people are used to seeing her in.

She's still got her iconic Arm Cannon, however, a weapon that's always been a part of Samus' loadout and will bring its expected powers to Metroid Dread. The report accompanying the trailer said Samus would once again be able to shoot missiles and beam attacks from her weapon, but unlike the way that she moved in Metroid: Samus Returns, Samus will be able to attack while running or jumping instead of having to fire in one position.

"In the Metroid Dread game, most actions—like Arm Cannon attacks and Melee Counters— can be performed from nearly any position," the latest report from the developers said. "We wished to emphasize the player being able to maintain their speed and momentum at any given time, aiming to make the flow through different types of gameplay feel as seamless as possible."

Other abilities like the Morph Ball move and the opportunity to counter attacks will also be present. Several videos shared within the report showed how different abilities would work in the game including the "Phantom Cloak" move that's been teased before which allows Samus to use an energy called "Aeion" to become invisible.

"One such ability is Phantom Cloak, which blankets her in an optical camouflage to render her invisible," the report said. "Using this while standing still will slowly deplete her reserve of Aeion Energy—she can also move while camouflaged, but it costs a greater amount of Aeion Energy. When not in use, her reserve automatically regenerates over time."

Nintendo committed to releasing another trailer on August 27th. Metroid Dread is scheduled to release on October 8th.