Nintendo Switch Is Getting Some Absurd New Accessories

Nintendo Switch fans will have some interesting new third party peripherals to choose from over [...]

Nintendo Switch fans will have some interesting new third party peripherals to choose from over the next few months, for those looking to "enhance" their gameplay experience! Venom is teeing things off with a two-pack of controller adapters meant to resemble golf clubs. Set to release next month, the pair are clearly inspired by the upcoming release of Mario Golf: Super Rush. Golf Club controller accessories have been released in the past, but Answer's Brass Knuckles might be a first for the video game industry! According to a listing from Play-Asia, the Brass Knuckles are intended for "games that use grip such as fitness."

The Brass Knuckles are colored specifically to match the red and blue Joy-Con combination, while the Golf Club Controller Adapters are colored to evoke Mario and Luigi. The Brass Knuckles remain readily available for purchase on Play-Asia, but it's worth noting that Venom's Golf Clubs are currently sold out on Amazon! Given the fact that Super Rush has optional motion control settings, it's possible that parents scooped them up for younger players. Of course, die-hard golf fans can always deck out their Switch with a golf-inspired case for their system.

Switch Peripherals
(Photo: Play-Asia/Amazon)

Nintendo consoles have gotten bizarre peripherals since the days of the NES, so it comes as little surprise that they remain a staple of the Switch era. The console has been a massive success for Nintendo, and third parties are more than happy to cash-in on the company's good fortune. There's a fun novelty to seeing these types of add-ons, but gamers should be warned that they might want to spend their money on other things, instead.

As the Switch era continues, it will be interesting to see if more of these sillier peripherals pop-up! Rumors about a remodel of the system have been heating up over the last few months, and some suggest an announcement could happen prior to E3. A new Nintendo system will likely inspire a plethora of add-ons from third party companies, some of which might be helpful, while the rest will probably fall under the absurd category. For now, fans will just have to wait and see what comes next!

What's the most absurd peripheral you've ever purchased for a video game system? Do you plan on picking up the golf clubs or brass knuckles? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!

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