Classic Fantasy RPG Gets New Life on Nintendo Switch

Gothic Classic is coming to Nintendo Switch next month.

Since its release, Nintendo Switch has received a lot of enhanced ports of classic games, including many different options in the RPG genre. On September 28th, that number will grow even larger, as THQ Nordic has announced Gothic Classic for Nintendo Switch. A port of the first game in the series, Gothic Classic marks the first time it's ever been released on a console or handheld. THQ Nordic has stressed that this is "the original game code, no remastering, and no remaking." However, the game will be receiving a number of fixes from the original version, and readers can find a full list right here.

A trailer for Gothic Classic can be found below.

Gothic Classic will be getting a release on the eShop, as well as a physical version available exclusively through THQ Nordic's online store. The publisher is promising that, in addition to all of the various fixes, players can look forward to "a well adapted UI and controls." It remains to be seen whether the release of Gothic Classic might lead to other games in the series receiving similar ports, but if interest is strong enough, it certainly seems like a possibility! For those that have never had a chance to experience these games before, Gothic Classic could be the perfect opportunity to start. 

The original Gothic released in 2001. Developed by Piranha Bytes, the fantasy RPG is set in a world where humanity finds itself at war with Orcish hordes. In this world, the king forces prisoners to mine magical ore for the war effort, and a group of magicians have erected a magical barrier that surrounds the mines of Khorinis. As one of the prisoners forced to mine ore, players will embark on a journey that will last more than 50 hours as they attempt to gain freedom.

It will be interesting to see how new audiences react to Gothic Classic! The Switch's portability has given a lot of older games a second chance at finding an audience. It remains to be seen how the game has aged, and if these improvements will make for a superior experience, but Nintendo Switch fans won't have to wait long to see for themselves.

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