Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift Hack Seems to Totally Fix the Problem

Joy-Con Drift has been one of the biggest problems in the Nintendo Switch era, and it doesn't seem [...]

Joy-Con Drift has been one of the biggest problems in the Nintendo Switch era, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, even with a new model of the console on the way. Fortunately, it seems that a YouTuber might have discovered a fix for the problem, just by using cardboard! VK's Channel shared a video in which a one millimeter piece of cardboard is applied inside a Joy-Con experiencing drift issues. From what can be seen in the video, the simple fix completely negates drift from occurring! The fix can be found around the six-minute mark in the video at the top of this page.

Joy-Con Drift has been a major source of frustration for players since the Switch made its debut more than four years ago. Nintendo is aware of the problem, and fixes the issue for free, but for those that don't want to send in their Joy-Con to have it fixed, this could be an elegant solution. Now, it's worth noting that I have not personally tried this method, and opening up the Joy-Con controller will likely void Nintendo's warranty. Readers will definitely want to keep this in mind before trying this method for themselves!

For those unfamiliar with Joy-Con Drift, it's an issue where the Joy-Con controller reacts as if the user were pushing the control stick, but no actual pressure is being placed. As a result, the in-game character "drifts" to the side. For those that haven't experienced the problem, it's easy to see how this could cause a significant amount of frustration for users!

The Nintendo Switch has been a massive success for Nintendo, far outselling its predecessor, and offering an impressive library of games. Joy-Con Drift has been an unfortunate note in the console's history, especially for those that have had to deal with it. Some have even suffered through the problem multiple times, resulting in lawsuits against Nintendo. While it looks like this is the kind of problem that won't be going away anytime soon, at least Switch owners have an option that looks pretty easy to pull off!

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