Nintendo Switch Getting Classic Game Boy Color Game This Year

The Nintendo Switch is getting a classic Game Boy Color game later this year. As you will know, the Game Boy Color is one of the greatest consoles ever made. It's no Game Boy SP, but most things aren't. That said, not only is the Game Boy Color an iconic piece of video game hardware, but it had some pretty stellar games, including Xtreme Sports, which is much better than its 69 on Metacritic suggests it is. Thankfully, people will soon be able to realize their mistakes when Xtreme Sports comes to Nintendo Switch later this year.

Developer WayForward has announced that it's bringing the classic Game Boy Colo game to the Switch via the Nintendo eShop sometime later this year. But that's not all. Limited Run Games will also release limited physical copies of the game this fall for not just for the Nintendo Switch, but the Game Boy Color.

At the moment of publishing, there's no word of when the game will release beyond sometime later this year, but it's noted that pre-orders for the title will open before release.

As for the game itself, Xtreme Sports debuted back in 2000 via WayForward and Infogrames, and until 2014, the Game Boy Color was the only platform you could play it on. At the time, not only did the game fail to impress critics, but it didn't seem to sell very well either, which makes its return a bit strange, but I'm happy to see it coming back.


"Having recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of its June 2000 launch, Xtreme Sports is a one-of-a-kind sports-themed action RPG," reads an official pitch of the game. "As contenders Guppi or Fin, players must master five events — skateboarding, surfing, in-line skating, skyboarding, and street luge—by partaking in more than 100 breathtaking sports battles to outperform the competition and become the Xtreme Sports Champion. Are Guppi and Fin XTREME enough to win it all!?"

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