Nintendo Switch Online Reveals New NES and SNES Games

Nintendo has pulled back the curtain on five new games headed to Nintendo Switch Online later this [...]

Nintendo has pulled back the curtain on five new games headed to Nintendo Switch Online later this month! In a new trailer, the company revealed that Super Nintendo games Super Baseball Simulator 1.000, Caveman Ninja (better known as Joe and Mac), Magical Drop2, and Spanky's Quest are coming alongside NES title Ninja JaJaMaru-kun. The five games will be added on May 26th, bolstering the already large number of games currently available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. The games might not be what some fans have been hoping to see, but this could be a great opportunity to check out titles that flew under the radar!

The trailer can be found embedded below.

Nintendo Switch Online users get access to NES and SNES apps as part of their subscription. The apps feature a number of classic games released for both systems, as well as some obscure offerings! The latest batch of titles leans more towards the latter, but fans looking for some old-school games to play should be happy to see them included.

Of course, some Nintendo Switch users might be disappointed to see that some missing classics have yet to be added. Notably, Earthbound and Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars remain impossible to play on the Switch platform. Given the popularity of both games, it's likely just a matter of time before they both get added, but that probably won't make fans any happier about the exclusions!

Of course, with E3 just around the corner, it's possible we could get more information about games coming to Nintendo Switch Online. Users have been begging to see support for additional consoles, including Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Advance. It remains to be seen whether or not Nintendo will add more platforms, but E3 would be the perfect place for that kind of reveal! For now, fans will just have to wait and see.

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