Nintendo Switch Online Promo Gives Out Bonus Gold Points

Nintendo is currently running a promo for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers or those thinking of [...]

Nintendo is currently running a promo for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers or those thinking of subscribing that'll give out some free Nintendo Gold Points for signing up. This promo applies to both the individual and the family tiers of Nintendo Switch Online with the latter awarding slightly more Nintendo Gold Points than the former. The offer went live this month and will stay active until May 10th, so you've got a while to take advantage of it if you're not quite ready to subscribe or renew your membership.

By purchasing a 12-month membership for just yourself which costs $19.99, you'll get 200 Gold Points added to your account as an extra. By purchasing a 12-month family membership which costs a bit more at $34.99, you'll earn an equally greater amount of Nintendo Gold Points by getting 350 instead.

Gold Points are in turn used to knock some of the price off of a new Nintendo Switch game or a Nintendo Switch Online membership itself. A total of 100 Gold Points is equal to $1, so you'd have $2 and $3.50 to use towards your next Nintendo purchase. It's not a lot, but large amounts of Gold Coins are never given out at any one time, and it'd be 200 or 350 more Gold Points than you had before.

Buying things isn't the only way that you can earn these Gold Points, but it's the quickest way. You get more for buying things digitally and can get them from promotions and other offers as well. Compared to the Platinum Points that can be used for merch rewards like pins and related items, Gold Points are the more valuable currency if you're going to be buying things from the Nintendo Switch's store often. The only catch with them is that they expire 12 months after you acquire them while the Platinum Points expire six months afterwards, so you can't hoard them forever.

Nintendo's Gold Points promo for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers is live now and will be active until May 10th.