Nintendo Switch Update Bans More Words and Phrases

A new Nintendo Switch update is out for all consoles, and while it doesn’t seem like it does [...]

A new Nintendo Switch update is out for all consoles, and while it doesn't seem like it does much on the surface, Nintendo has apparently now updated its lists of inappropriate words and phrases. Things like "KKK," "ACAB," and "coronavirus" are among the things that have reportedly been outlawed in Nintendo's latest update, according to those who've taken note of the specifics not outlined in Nintendo's patch notes for the console update.

Twitter user OatmealDome who often shares information on Nintendo's plans and updates via datamines and leaks shared the first news of the Nintendo Switch update's less noticeable changes. The user retweeted Nintendo's announcement of the latest system update, Version 10.2.0, and said homebrew users had noticed a few changes with things like the home menu and the list of inappropriate words players couldn't use.

Responding to Polygon's Patricia Hernandez when prompted for more info, the Twitter user shared a list of words and phrases that have been added to Nintendo's list of inappropriate text. All of the words referenced by OatmealDome deal with sensitive topics in today's political climate which is undoubtedly why Nintendo chose these specific words to ban.

Nintendo's support site for the company's Nintendo Switch update makes no mention of any of these changes. The notes for the update follow the typical trend established by Nintendo in its updates by saying that the update made only "General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience." The larger updates with noticeable changes outlined in the patch notes are far less frequent with most of Nintendo's Switch updates including the line above to broadly cover what's changed.

The latest update for the Nintendo Switch is now available to download. If you've been using one of these phrases referenced above lately, expect that to change once the update is installed.