No Man's Sky Update Lets Players Make Their Own Music

No Man’s Sky players got a fun update this week that gives them the opportunity to create their [...]

No Man's Sky players got a fun update this week that gives them the opportunity to create their own music and fill their bases with the new tunes. It's called the "ByteBeat Device," and it's a new base prop that has a bunch of different features and configuration options. It's the focus of the latest update, but there's also a full list of patch notes detailing everything else that's included.

Hello Games unveiled the ByteBeat Device in a post this week along with the trailer above that shows how it works. The developers acknowledged that players have frequently been asking for a feature of some sort that allows them to add music or sounds to their bases, so this device does just that while putting the creative responsibility in players' hands.

"Base building is a big part of what people spend their time doing in our game, and a frequent request is for the ability to add sounds and music to their construction," the developers said. "Our team always likes a creative challenge, and audio is one of our big passions. Over the last few weeks one of our coders got obsessed with making an audio creation tool for the community, we were so excited about it we thought it'd be a nice surprise to release it."

From an overview of how the device works, it looks like it'll offer something for players who are knowledgeable about creating their own music as well as those who just want some sounds to fill their bases. Players can also attach the ByteBeats to other devices to synchronize them, and you'll even be able to configure the props to work with other fixtures such as lights.

"Once placed in your base and powered, the ByteBeat will immediately begin to produce sound," the post said. "ByteBeat formulas are made out of simple waveforms that are manipulated through maths – but by default, the device handles all of the mathematical heavy lifting, procedurally generating random presets for you to play with. Dedicated audiophiles have the option to explore deeper, manually sketching out note sequences, rhythms, and even manipulating the raw sounds."

No Man's Sky's newest update with this ByteBeat feature and more is now live across all platforms.