Now or Never Board Game, Sequel to Near and Far, Announced

Now or Never, the sequel to the popular board game Near and Far, has been announced by Red Raven Games. The new asymmetrical board game is the third in the Arzium Storybook Series by Ryan Laukat and Red Raven Games and takes place hundreds of years after Near and Far. In Now or Never, players will attempt to rebuild their ancestral home after a twenty-year exile due to strange monsters emerging from a crystal meteorite that crashed nearby. Now or Never combines economics gameplay with exploration, as players build up their section of the village to gain resources and coins. Those coins can be spent on specialists that can help the character in different ways, or on building up the village that in turn generates more resources for the players. Each of the four characters in the game have different abilities, and spend their turn exploring the map, fighting monsters, and trying to rescue villagers and return them to their village. You can check out an extended trailer and explanation about the game in the video below:

Like the other games in the Arzium Storybook Series, Now or Never can be played in two modes – a Standard mode or the Story Mode. The Story Mode acts as a campaign of sorts, with players making choices and gradually learning more about the world of Arzium and its characters. 

Order the Now or Never Board Game On Amazon ($79.99)

Red Raven Games has become known for their deep and thematic tabletop games that slowly reveal strange new worlds. Their most recent game, Sleeping Gods, was a smash hit for the publisher and was considered one of the top games of 2021. Now or Never and the other Arzium Storybook Games are competitive games compared to Sleeping Gods, which was a purely cooperative game, but both have some common themes – namely exploration of a strange world and lasting consequences to the choices made during gameplay. 

Now or Never will be released later this year and has a retail price of $70. It's available to order on Amazon now.