Official God of War Podcast Provides a Deeper Look at the New Game's Backstory

We're getting closer and closer to the release of the new God of War title, and many PlayStation [...]

We're getting closer and closer to the release of the new God of War title, and many PlayStation fans can't wait to see Kratos in his new role as a father. We've learned a lot in the previous months, and now a new podcast has given us an even closer look at the upcoming title and its backstory.

This is actually the fifth episode in the series. The narrative driven podcast thrusts fans into the world of Kratos and this episode in particular follows a younger Atreus during his first journey into the Norse Wilds. If you're a reader, or just love lore like we do, we think you could really love the podcast heard in the video above.

Interested in hearing more, or perhaps starting from the beginning? You can check out the full episode list right here. For a synopsis of each segment:

Episode 1 - Odin and the Knowledge Keeper

In the second Lost Page of Norse Myth, the oracle Groa desires to see far enough to find her love. But she discovers that knowledge comes at a cost when Odin the All-Father covets her gift of foresight.

Then, stay tuned for a behind-the-scenes chat with God of War's Creative Director Cory Barlog and Story Lead Matt Sophos.

Episode 2 - And Only Rage Remained

In the third Lost Page, we explore the origin story of the Draugr—one of Midgard's most horrific creatures. Now it spreads violence to all it encounters, but this monster was once a man.

Stay tuned after the story for a conversation with God of War's Principal Character Artist Rafael Grassetti and Principal Animator Bruno Velazquez.

Episode 3 - The Dead Stone Mason

The fourth Lost Page of Norse Myth tells the tale of the Dead Stone Mason.

Thamur, a giant, was the greatest builder the realms had ever known. Until he encountered Thor, the great destroyer.

Stay tuned after the story for a conversation about the score of the game with composer Bear McCreary.

Episode 4 - The Forging of Leviathan

The fifth Lost Pages of Norse Myth unveils the origins of the Leviathan Axe.

As the Aesir wage their endless war, Dwarven brothers Brok and Sindri begin crafting a new weapon to restore balance to the realms—at great peril to themselves.

Stay tuned after the story to hear an interview with Jason McDonald, Lead Gameplay Designer, and Jeet Shroff, Lead Gameplay Engineer.