Official 'Skyrim' and 'Fallout' Candles Enhance Your VR Experience

Bethesda has three big virtual reality game releases arriving in the coming weeks, but you're going to need the official candles if you want the full sensory experience.

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First off, let's talk about the games themselves. Skyrim VR is available to pre-order now for Playstation VR with a release date of November 17th. It can also be purchased as part of a Playstation VR bundle if you're new to the platform. Fallout VR is available to pre-order here with a release date set for December 31st. The game also comes packaged with every HTC Vive purchase. Finally, Doom VFR can be pre-ordered here for Playstation VR with a ship date of December 1st. Skyrim and Doom are both 20-percent off during the pre-order period if you're an Amazon Prime member.

(Photo: Merchoid)

If you want to take these games to the next level, Bethesda has launched a line of official candles that add a olfactory element to your VR experience. Currently, versions for Fallout and Skyrim are available in limited quantities (no word yet on whether or not a Doom candle will be added into the mix). The Fallout candle is available here, and features a refreshing "nuclear decay scent". The Skyrim candle is available here with a "forest of Skyrim" scent. UPDATE: If these candles are sold out, you can also get them on Amazon: Skyrim candle / Fallout candle.


Both candles provide about 25-hours of burn time, which should be enough to get you deeply immersed into these games. Now all you need is a mug of mead or a bottle of official Nuka Cola Quantum (which is just repackaged Jones Soda Berry Lemonade) to get all of your senses involved.