Outriders Update Restores Some Players' Lost Items After Inventory Wipes

Outriders developer People Can Fly, Square Enix, and the players who bought the game are still [...]

Outriders developer People Can Fly, Square Enix, and the players who bought the game are still battling with the ramifications of the inventory wipe bugs that plagued Outriders around launch, but some good news regarding that issue has been shared this week. Some players who lost items from their inventories will be getting up to 20 legendary items back thanks to the game's latest update. Even better than that is the fact that even if you didn't lose items to a wipe, you still might be getting some free gear returned to your inventories anyway.

Square Enix shared the latest on the resolutions for the Outriders bugs this week in its updated Reddit post cataloguing the progress made on the topic. The latest update affects players in the Group B stage of the restoration process which includes players who lost bits of their inventory but were still able to play the affected characters otherwise. The developer said this group consists of fewer players than Group A, the group that lost items and also lost access to their characters.

If you're in Group B, you may see up to 20 legendary items in your inventories now that the update's gone out. Restored items will take into account players' highest equip levels and will have God Roll values, so you won't have to worry about getting an item back that's of no use to you now.

Because of how the analytics used to determine affected inventories work, some people might get legendary items even if they didn't lose them before. The developer has a process for checking to make sure a legendary item wasn't dismantled and if it's in players' inventories still or not, and if the check shows the item's gone and that it wasn't dismantled, it's considered an inventory wipe loss even if it was actually sold. So if you're in Group C, the group of players unaffected by the wipe, check your inventories anyway to see if you've got anything new.

"As we are unable to conclusively distinguish Group B from Group C players, both Group B and Group C will benefit from the Restoration," Square Enix said. "Therefore, even if you did NOT encounter an inventory wipe, you may well receive up to 20 God Rolled Legendary Items that you may have previously lost to a bug or sold to a vendor (Dismantled items will not be restored as our analytics are able to conclusively prove that they were not lost to the bug)."

This likely isn't the last we've heard of the inventory wipe bug even though players are getting their stuff back to some degree, so expect to see more updates in the future.