'Overwatch' Team Discusses Ashe Influences, Including Trigun

The team at Blizzard revealed Overwatch's latest hero during BlizzCon 2018 and fans of the FPS got an even closer look at McCree through her eyes. A member of the Deadlock gang, Ashe isn't a female version of McCree, she definitely stands on her own as a badass boss and we got a chance to sit down with the Lead Writer and Character Designer for the hit game to talk about her!

When talking about the idea behind Ashe, the Lead Writer for Overwatch mentioned, "It was more important for us that Ashe stood out and she's not just the "female cowboy" - it's not a tributary off of McCree's story."

Though both he and the Lead Character Designer both agreed that she does help McCree fans understand him more, she isn't just some afterthought.

As far as her look and how she remained purely weapon-focused as a hero, the team mentioned she was influenced by a lot of different factors but one in particular stood out: Trigun.

For those that might not be aware of the manga and anime series, Trigun revolves around a man "Vash the Stampede" who is followed by two others that help to tamper down the damage his mere presence causes. To be fair, it's not just him - it's mostly the bounty hunters hounding him that causes all of the damage. The amnesia-ridden protagonist underwent a lot of adventures to evade the bounty on his head while trying to learn more about his history and that of human civilization.

After hearing the team talk about Trigun being one of the major influences, it does make sense. The attitude, the self-assured flare ... the damage. One thing is for sure though, the audience reaction to her and her Ultimate Bob-the-mustach'd-robot was overwhelmingly positive.

Her Western reveal also came at the perfect time because Red Dead Redemption 2 has only recently released, making that cowboy flare at the peak of gamr interest.


Overwatch is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. You can learn more about Ashe and what other Overwatch reveals Blizzard had in store over at our Game Hub right here.