Petition to Ban PewDiePie From 'Apex Legends' Doesn't Go According to Plan

The Internet has a lot of time on its hands, and so naturally it produced a petition that sought [...]

The Internet has a lot of time on its hands, and so naturally it produced a petition that sought to ban the world's most popular YouTuber, Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg, from Respawn Entertainment's popular new battle royale game, Apex Legends. Because, why not? Of course, given that there was apparently no reason for such a strange petition to exist, it was quickly taken down from where it was originally being hosted.

As you may know, while PewDiePie is the single most popular YouTuber on the Internet, he's also one of the more controversial people on the Internet, partially thanks to his popularity, partially thanks to some of the things he has said and done in the past. A lot of people love him, and a lot of people despise him with a passion. To an extent, that just comes with the business of being famous on the Internet.

However you may feel about Kjellberg, I think we can all agree he shouldn't be banned from playing any one game, or in this case, Apex Legends. However, according to the aforementioned petition, dubbed "Ban PewDiePie from Apex Legends," the YouTuber ruins everything he touches, which is why he must be kept away from a "great game like Apex Legends."

Now, it's worth pointing out that PewDiePie has never streamed or played any of the new popular battle royale game in any of his videos. And while the YouTuber paved his way playing and streaming games, his focus isn't just this anymore, and as a result he's not out there grinding by streaming the new, popular thing all day, every day. He basically does what he wants -- a luxury when you're that big and have the passionate fanbase he does.

Nonetheless, the creator of the petition, clearly sensing something none of us can, insists that the Swedish YouTuber needs to stay away, because if he does play the game, it will be a "death sentence" for it.

The petition didn't even manage to break 300 before it was taken down for presumably being in violation of posting policy. Of course, even if the petition got 30,000 votes, it's unlikely EA or Respawn Entertainment would even blink looking at it, but I guess we'll never know.

[H/T Dexerto]


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