PewDiePie Reveals Why China Reportedly Banned Him

China has found itself in entertainment news a lot lately. It began with the NBA, then the country [...]


China has found itself in entertainment news a lot lately. It began with the NBA, then the country went to war with South Park, and of course, there's been the whole Blizzard/Hearthstone fiasco. And now the country finds itself the subject of a PewDiePie video titled, "PewDiePie is Banned in China," which reveals that the YouTuber was recently banned from Chinese Internet, or at least that's the claim.

"Well boys, we did it. I'm banned from China," says PewDiePie in the opening of his video. That's right (laughs), after I spoke about the Hong Kong protests, and showed their leader being mocked for looking like Winnie the Pooh, I got banned from China. That's right. Now if you search anything PewDiePie related on any Reddit related forum in China or a YouTube related video, it will just be completely blank."

The YouTuber continues, noting he knew it was going to happen eventually:

"I'm laughing, but yeah I'm sorry if you're in China and try to watch my videos. That kinda sucks," said PewDiePie. "It's just kinda funny, like I knew it was going to happen. The music artist Zedd got banned in China just because he liked a South Park tweet, so obviously me talking about the Hong Kong memes was going to get me banned."

For those that missed it: earlier this week in a new episode of Meme Review, PewDiePie touched upon the Hong Kong protests and China, the latter of which has been the subject of a metric ton of memes recently. Because, as you will know, if you tell the Internet to stop doing something, well that only ensures it does that thing even more.

It's unclear how much of PewDiePie's audience is based in China, but it appears to be not very much, as the YouTuber doesn't seem very bothered by the alleged banning. Of course, it's also possible he doesn't care simply because he has one of the biggest audiences in the world, not just on YouTube, but on the Internet in general.

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