PlayStation 4 Is Selling Like Hotcakes Over Black Friday Weekend

With the majority of markdowns that took place this weekend on video game hardware, it’d be a [...]


With the majority of markdowns that took place this weekend on video game hardware, it'd be a complete shock if they didn't score big over the selling period. And lo and behold, the PlayStation 4 has done just that, dominating to the point that the console has (almost) become completely solid out.

A number of online retailers, including Best Buy, Amazon and GameStop, have shown that the system has been out of stock for a period of several hours, indicating that they have to be restocked. It's pretty much assumed that this will be done sooner rather than later, as outlets really enjoy the sales numbers the system is putting up.

It's easy to see the PlayStation 4's value, even four years after its release. It has a small armada of exclusive titles for players to enjoy, including games like Uncharted 4, Ratchet & Clank and Horizon Zero Dawn. Not to mention that even bigger games are on the way in 2018, including Spider-Man from Insomniac Games and the long-awaited return of God of War.

So what's the system's key to success? Its pricing. You can pretty much grab a PlayStation 4 Slim for around $189-$199 right now, nearly $100 off its usual price. That's not too shabby at all, and some retailers are even throwing in bonus goods. In fact, one retailer is selling the Call of Duty: WWII Limited Edition bundle, with camouflage system and controller, for $199 – and as expected, it's flying off the shelves.

And the weekend isn't over yet, as there are still sales deals going on today, not to mention Cyber Monday kicking off with a number of retailers tomorrow. So it's probably just a matter of time before Sony sets sales records again.

We'll see how the November sales numbers settle in the middle of December, when the NPD will likely provide a report indicating which sold the best. We've been hearing that the Nintendo Switch has been performing admirably in sales as well, so that report should be rather interesting.

In the meantime, it's not too late to get a PlayStation 4 Slim for dirt cheap. Hunt around and you'll find one. Good luck!