PlayStation 5 Concept Shows Off a Sleek Design

Yet another PlayStation 5 concept has been created by those trying to imagine what the next-gen [...]

Yet another PlayStation 5 concept has been created by those trying to imagine what the next-gen console looks like ahead of its reveal with this latest concept giving the PlayStation 5 a makeover that's more in line with the PlayStation 4 consoles players typically own. Sure, the consoles come in a variety of colors and themes, but for the most part, PlayStation 4s are all black which means that's how many people are imagining the PlayStation 5 console to be. The two-tone DualSense controller has thrown off those expectations slightly by making people imagine the console might be a different color, but the concept in question that was shared online recently imagined both the console and controller in the typical black appearance.

Artist and designer Guiseppe "Snoreyn" Spinelli created a PlayStation 5 concept for LetsGoDigital that showed what the console might look like if it were black like the base PlayStation 4 but a slightly different shape to set it apart from its predecessor. It carries a resemblance to the PlayStation 4 Pro more than anything and has a black DualSense controller alongside it to show what the two would look like paired together.

The actual DualSense controller has only been revealed to come in one color so far – and it's not the one shown below – but like the console, we can probably expect some variants from Sony at some point post-launch.

If you're looking for more console designs to appreciate, there are no shortage of those right now. Unfortunately, aside from the DualSense controller, those console concepts are the only things PlayStation fans have to go off of right now since Sony hasn't yet revealed what the PlayStation 5 will look like. Microsoft has already shown off the design of the Xbox Series X, so now we're just waiting to see what the next PlayStation will look like.

Sony's PlayStation 5 and Microsoft's Xbox Series X are both scheduled to release during the holiday season.