Rumor: PS5 and Xbox Series X Reveals Coming in May

For PlayStation and Xbox fans, the last few weeks have been nothing short of disappointing. The coronavirus pandemic has slowed the video game industry to a halt, and news regarding the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X has dried up almost completely. While Xbox fans likely would have had to wait for new information on the Xbox Series X until E3 in June, and PlayStation 5 would have likely had a similar digital conference around the same time, rumors now suggest that news could now come much sooner. Apparently, a full reveal for the PlayStation 5 might happen in May, alongside more information on the Xbox Series X.

The rumor comes from industry analyst Daniel Ahmad. According to Ahmad, a lot of the announcements that were planned for E3 2020 are being moved away from that specific week. Some will be much earlier (with some outlets saying May), while others will be later. It certainly makes sense, as companies will have less pressure to "win" the week, and quieter news cycles will help prevent announcements from getting lost in the shuffle. Ahmad was quick to point out that plans could change because of the pandemic, however.

As of this writing, Microsoft and Sony still plan on releasing their respective consoles somewhere around the holiday season. Outside of the debut of the PS5 controller, Sony has been rather silent regarding their system. Xbox boss Phil Spencer, on the other hand, has stated that Microsoft's new console is still on track for this year, though that could change depending on production or testing delays.

It will be interesting to see what happens to E3 following this year. While Microsoft and Nintendo both affirmed their support for the show prior to this year's cancellation, Sony's desire not to partake in the conference over the last two years has resulted in many outlets prematurely declaring E3's death. If publishers find more success with spaced out digital events, it could be another nail in the coffin.


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