PS5 Restock Happening Tomorrow From Sony, but Only for Select Customers

It looks like Sony is preparing to let loose another sizable wave of PlayStation 5 consoles via [...]

It looks like Sony is preparing to let loose another sizable wave of PlayStation 5 consoles via its PS Direct system tomorrow on April 13th. Although the company, at least for the most part, tends to sell these consoles by making potential customers get in a queue, it looks like tomorrow's sale will instead be for a select group of people that have been chosen specifically.

PlayStation started sending emails out to a number of folks this afternoon letting them know that they'll have an exclusive opportunity to purchase a PS5 tomorrow from the PS Direct service. These emails come with a special link that users are then able to click at a given time to be taken to a page where they'll then be able to purchase a PS5 for themselves. As for tomorrow's sale, it looks like it's set to begin at 3:00pm EDT/12:00pm PDT for those that have been chosen.

We've talked about this before with previous PlayStation 5 restocks of this nature, but this is a format that Sony hasn't done all that often. In the past, the company typically will just alert potential customers as a whole that it is opening a queue and will allow anyone and everyone to hop in and try to buy the console. These exclusive releases, although they have been popping up more frequently lately, haven't really been seen since last year when Sony first opened pre-orders up for the PS5.

The downside about this restock is that, unless you have this specific email in mention, you're likely out of luck when it comes to getting a PS5 in this wave. Sony seems to send these messages out to anyone that may have opted in to receive marketing emails when signing up for their PlayStation account. So if you haven't turned these on, you might want to go alter your own settings right now. Maybe you'll get a last-minute invite to tomorrow's sale.

Did you happen to receive one of these emails to purchase a PS5 for yourself? And are you still on the hunt for the next-gen console as a whole? Let me know either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.