PlayStation 5: Watch Unreal Engine 5's Next-Gen Footage

Geoff Keighley's Summer Game fest delivered an unexpected surprise yesterday during its kick-off [...]

Geoff Keighley's Summer Game fest delivered an unexpected surprise yesterday during its kick-off with the reveal of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 and 2, a remastered version of the beloved games. For today's reveal, however, there's nothing being remade or remastered, as Keighley debuted one of our first looks at a game running on Sony's PlayStation 5. The untitled demo is from Epic Games and is running on Unreal Engine 5, and it looks absolutely beautiful. The demo starts out with a woman running out of a cavern, and that's when the developers show off what the engine can do in regards to textures, lighting, and audio, which you can check out for yourself in the video above.

The demo itself feels a bit like Tomb Raider, as the lead makes her way across dangerous platforms, leaps across lengthy gaps, and carefully moves through small spaces within the cave. She then climbs her way up a mountain, and that's where the team shows off the increased animation abilities of the new engine.

We then see a focus on the increased lighting abilities as the small creature or object that she's holding illuminates the room in a soft blue glow. A gold one of these objects appears later, lighting up part of her arm with some powerful effect.

It' the end of the demo though that really shows what this engine can do, and the developers confirm this is all playable with a controller. Our hero takes a leap of faith and uses the power of that object to sail through the air at lightning speed, gliding in places but also maneuvering around falling debris. She glides then jumps off of nearby platforms to soar high again, and the effects are immensely impressive hear, as there's not even a hint of slowdown or choppiness as she glides from one place to another.

It's also impressive just how much detail there is in the far off portal that is your goal, and regardless of how much is happening in front of you that detail never lessens.

The demo ends with a short but gorgeous sequence that shows off the blue aura of the portal and the character model of the lead character, and it seems from this first glimpse anyway that PlayStation 5 fans are in for some gorgeous games.

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