PlayStation Classic Will Have Different Games In Japan Than the U.S.

The PlayStation Classic was announced earlier this week, and while we don’t have all the details [...]

The PlayStation Classic was announced earlier this week, and while we don't have all the details of which games will be included (only a handful have been revealed), it's sure to have a good deal of variety. That said, the Japanese model of the system will differ from the U.S. one.

While speaking with Famitsu, SIE vice president Hiroyuki Oda confirmed that the games that come with each system will be different depending by region. He noted that Sony is taking its time in selecting the right games for each model and region, finding stuff that will appeal to certain audiences.

Granted, there are some games that will no doubt find universal appeal and will be included in both versions. For instance, Jumping Flash!, which was a big hit on the PlayStation front years ago, will likely be included with both models. The same will likely go for the role-playing adventure Wild Arms, as well as the beat-em-up classic Tekken 3 and a possible Gran Turismo title.

But there are certain titles that will see more appeal from individual markets. For instance, the U.S. crowd will probably enjoy Twisted Metal 2 more than Japanese gamers; while the original Motor Toon Grand Prix will probably be included in the Japanese lineup, but left out of the U.S. version.

That's mere speculation, mind you. We probably don't know what the official list of games will be until closer to the system's release this December. But Sony is obviously taking its time not only with reveals, but assuring that the emulation of each title is up to speed.

The system has seen some fairly good pre-orders from retailers since its announcement earlier this week, despite some mild negative comments from users that expected a DualShock controller to be included -- not to mention an AC adapter, which has to be purchased separately.

We'll keep you informed as Sony makes new announcements on what's included with the system. Fingers crossed we get a few classics for our trouble, along with some quirky favorites. (Looking at you, Parappa the Rapper!)

The PlayStation Classic ships worldwide starting on December 3 for $99.99.