This Video Explains Why the PS1 Has the Greatest Startup Sounds of Any Console

If you grew up gaming in the 90s then we're about to tell you something that you already know, at [...]

If you grew up gaming in the 90s then we're about to tell you something that you already know, at least inherently: The original PlayStation has the best startup sounds of any console ever made. No one forgets their first time booting up a PlayStation. It blew my mind when I was a kid, and YouTuber NakeyJakey apparently had the same life-changing experience that I did. Check out his video above where he explains exactly what makes that legendary startup sequence so hypnotizing.

I hope that you were all able to put on a pair of headphones and actually listen to that startup animation sequence while watching this video. To this day, it's still the most mesmerizing sound to me. I remember the Christmas I got my PlayStation. Originally I had asked my dad for a Sega Saturn, but thankfully he had the foresight to see that the PlayStation was going to have a stronger set of legs. I unwrapped that sucker and got it plugged in straight away.

Because my father ran a recording studio out of our house, I always had great speakers and subwoofers hooked up to my gaming consoles. That Christmas morning I popped a copy of Battle Arena Toshinden into my new PlayStation and pushed in the power button, and I'll never forget that moments that followed. That commanding, synthy bass punched through the speakers and made the floor vibrate. Those electric chimes filled the newly-waked air and demanded our attention, and those sweeping tones at the end left us speechless. To this day I remember the look my dad gave me when it was all over. His face said it all: "F$#k yeah, son. This is some next-level technology."

Were you lucky enough to experience the PlayStation startup sounds when they were still new? Do you think the PS2 had a better startup? What about the Dreamcast, or the Xbox?! Which console had the best startup sounds in your opinion? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!