PlayStation Insider Teases New PC Ports

It seems that more PlayStation games could be coming soon to PC. PlayStation insider Lance [...]

It seems that more PlayStation games could be coming soon to PC. PlayStation insider Lance McDonald took to Twitter to share with his followers that he is aware of multiple unannounced PC ports that are currently in the works. McDonald also stated that "none are Bloodborne," so those hoping to see the FromSoftware game make the jump will just have to keep hoping. Readers should take all of this with a grain of salt until official announcements are made, but it wouldn't be surprising to see even more PlayStation 4 games offered on PC, given some of the games that have been offered so far!

The original Tweet from McDonald can be found embedded below.

Back in May, a PlayStation IR document stated that Sony looks at PC ports as a "new growth vector" for the company. Major PlayStation games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone are available now on PC, but we haven't heard much about how the games are performing. That said, these games must be finding success on the platform if Sony is currently working on additional ports.

It will be interesting to see what games are the next to be offered on PC. A PC port of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End was essentially leaked by Sony, but the company has not made any type of official announcement. A port of that game would make sense ahead of the upcoming movie. Similarly, The Last of Us would probably be a good choice before the HBO series begins airing. It remains to be seen what else PlayStation might be planning, but it could be good news for those that prefer to play on PC versus console. These ports haven't sat well with some PlayStation fans that would prefer they remain "true" exclusives, but clearly there's a good deal of money to be made!

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