PlayStation Network Is Currently Down

PlayStation Network
(Photo: Sony)

Many gamers taking to the PlayStation Network right now are being met with some errors. Players have been taking to Twitter to vent their frustrations, posting photos of said errors that are popping up as they are trying to game. While it seemed to be only a few people at first, it looks as if this is network-wide. Even going to the status website for PlayStation, it is red across the board, meaning that all services are currently being disrupted. This is affecting all PlayStation systems that access the PSN, which is definitely not good for those looking to get some gaming sessions in.

Of course, the longer the outage takes to fix, the more players will become understandably angered. PlayStation is currently aware of the issues that are affecting users, as is noted in the tweet below, and they are currently investigating the matter.

According to the website, the PlayStation Network is experiencing issues with Account Management, Gaming and Social, PlayStation Now, PlayStation Video, PlayStation Vue, PlayStation Store, and PlayStation Music. Understandably, this is not good for anyone looking to do anything with their PlayStation devices that access the PSN.


There is no telling exactly what is causing the issue or when Sony will have the PlayStation Network back up and running. As for now, it might be best to stay off of your PS devices in the event that something nefarious is afoot. Of course, that is only speculation, but you can never be too cautious in this day and age. You'll have to get your gaming fix elsewhere for the time being. At least, until Sony can get things back to a stable status.