New PlayStation Patent Possibly Hints at PlayStation VR 2

With the next console generation quickly approaching, many fans are wondering what plans the [...]

With the next console generation quickly approaching, many fans are wondering what plans the company has for VR on PlayStation 5. At this time, Sony has not revealed many details about VR on its next console, but with high-profile VR games like Marvel's Iron Man VR and Star Wars: Squadrons coming to PS4 in the very near future, it seems like a safe bet that those titles could be playable on PS5, as well. It seems even more likely that Sony could be planning to expand its VR plans in the next console generation, as the company recently patented what appears to be a follow-up to PSVR.

Images of the device can be found on the World Intellectual Property Organization's website, which can be found right here. From the image and listing, it's difficult to say what might be changed from the original model. Rather than a radical reimagining, it seems to be Sony's attempt at making minor improvements to the existing unit. Earlier this year, Sony filed another patent, hinting at an improved take on the PlayStation Move controller. Companies like Sony frequently patent designs that never see the light of day, so this could be nothing, but with multiple patents filed, it definitely seems like the company is planning something!

If Sony does release an upgrade for the PSVR, it will be interesting to see if it will be able to expand the audience for the technology. PSVR has been a modest success, but the VR concept remains a tough sell for the casual crowd. The peripheral's price point remains prohibitive for many gamers, and that's not even factoring in the undisclosed cost of the PS5. For that reason alone, Microsoft and Nintendo have been far more hesitant to commit to the technology. In addition to the cost, there's also the fact that many users find the experience nausea-inducing. Still, it will be interesting to see if a follow-up can make things cheaper and more effective. There is a definite appeal to the technology, and PlayStation is poised to be the only console manufacturer in the game.

Of course, Sony isn't the only video game company looking to make VR the next big thing. Facebook Gaming is quite dedicated to the technology, and they've been purchasing strong developers that know how to make VR games. It remains to be seen where VR will go next, but things are definitely getting interesting!

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