Sony Clarifies Hidden PlayStation Plus Charges

Yesterday, we relayed word that those that exploited the new PlayStation Plus loophole to save money were being hit with upgrade costs after the fact. At the time, this was only happening in the Asia region, but it was theorized that it would be a global policy. And this was a reasonable conclusion to draw, but it turns out the whole thing was a mistake by PlayStation, or at least that's what's being claimed following considerable backlash.

Word of the whole ordeal being nothing but an error comes the way of the official Ask PlayStation Twitter account, which rarely tweets out anything salient unless something like this happens. According to the official PlayStation account, the error has been fixed and those who were impacted have received credit. 

"Due to a technical error, players in Asia who have previously purchased a PlayStation Plus membership at a discount have been incorrectly charged for their upgrade pricing." writes the Ask PlayStation Twitter account. "This error has been fixed and impacted players will receive a credit. We thank you for your patience."

As you would expect, many believe this is more of a backtrack than an error, while some think the charges should have been upheld against those who gammed the system to save money. 

"Yeah, sure. 'Technical error.' As if people would not notice if something was wrong with the sub charge," reads one reply to the tweet above. "The microtransactions on Gran Turismo 7 were also a technical error? PlayStation as a company is so different nowadays... It's not 'for the players' anymore. It's just 'for the money.'

"This was not an error, and should not have been fixed. It's a new service, and the users made the decision to stack and get into the previous service at a discount. Quit folding to these issues. People need to learn responsibility, they need to be held accountable," reads another reply.

At the moment of publishing, PlayStation hasn't said anything about the matter beyond the tweet above. There's no reason to expect this to change, but if it does, we will be sure to update the story accordingly.