New PlayStation Plus Game Stealth Released

Sony appears to have quietly added a new PlayStation Plus game for those who've subscribed to the Premium tier of the service. That game is Super Stardust Portable, a game which PlayStation users may recall as one that originally released on the PlayStation Portable. This game has been enhanced with a couple of features one might expect games to benefit from after making a platform jump such as this one, but you'll apparently have to go looking for it yourself to find it in the PlayStation Plus catalog.

PlayStation Plus subscribers can consider this game a stealth release given that Sony hasn't made a big to-do about it and instead simply dropped it into the catalog. Players such as Reddit user TURB0_THUNDER noticed that it was released within the classic games section of the updated PlayStation Plus service. The games available through PlayStation Plus Premium differ depending on what region you're playing in, but it's at least available in North America (Eurogamer said it wasn't yet live in Europe).

Over on the PlayStation Store listing for the game, Super Stardust Portable can't be bought outright, but Sony says there that it is indeed available via PlayStation Plus Premium. A brief description of the game said it's been "enhanced with up-rendering, rewind, quick save, and custom video filters" and that it's been converted from the PlayStation Portable version to one for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 which means it might play a bit differently than people who played it initially may recall. A brief description of the game was also offered there for those who might not have played it in the past.

"Defend five vulnerable planets from incoming danger as you explode into some manic shoot 'em up action," a preview of the game read. "Take out entire space fleets across two exciting game modes: Arcade and Planet."

While any new PlayStation Plus game is a bonus for those who've subscribed to the Premium tier, this addition has raised some concerns from people who aren't fans of the way it was released. Those within the initial Reddit post where its inclusion was discussed pointed out that there's no decent way to search for these games via their original platforms nor was there an easy way to know it'd been added if PlayStation's not going to publicize it.