PlayStation Leak Reveals PS5 Fantasy Game Exclusive

A new leak from PlayStation has seemingly revealed that a PlayStation 5 exclusive fantasy game is now in the works. For the most part, Sony has been pretty quiet about many of the PS5 titles that it has in development. Outside of God of War Ragnarok, Marvel's Spider-Man 2, and a handful of other titles, we don't know what many of Sony's first-party studios are working on at the moment. Luckily, thanks to this new leak, we now have a better idea of what one of Sony's lesser-known divisions is creating. 

According to a new job listing from PlayStation's London Studio, the UK-based developer is now working on a fantasy title that will seemingly have live-service attributes. Currently, London Studio is looking to hire a new Narrative Design Lead for "a brand-new IP we are extraordinarily excited about." The job listing in question said that this project is one that has been in the conceptual stage for quite some time. Now, London Studio is looking to staff up in order to make this game a reality. 

Obviously, details are still sparse on this future PS5 game, but London Studio says that it's creating a project that will feature side quests, collectibles, and a wide variety of unique characters. The reason it's also believed that this will be a live-service game in nature is because the job listing specifically says that this title is one that will see new content released over time. "Creation of an initial campaign to introduce the world and characters, then ongoing campaign to develop the narrative and introduce new content," said one descriptor of the job. 

Considering that London Studio is only just now building out its staff to work on this PS5 game, it stands to reason that we won't see it properly revealed for quite a bit longer. Still, it's interesting to learn more about what sorts of titles might be arriving from PlayStation further down the road. 

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[H/T ResetEra]