PlayStation Fan Recreates PS5 to Resemble PS1

Ever since the PlayStation 5 release late in 2020, people around the globe have been customizing [...]

Ever since the PlayStation 5 release late in 2020, people around the globe have been customizing the console to look like previous Sony hardware. One of the most notable customizations that we have seen of the PS5 soon after its release resembled that of the PlayStation 2. Now, nearly a year after the PS5 first arrived, one fan has taken to recreating the console to look just like the PlayStation console that started it all.

Shared on Reddit, one fan by the name of u/blakeprice1 recently showed off their own custom PS5 that was built to resemble the PS1. Gone were the bright white plates seen on the base model of the PS5, and in their place, this fan added gray paneling to sit on both sides of the next-gen platform's black middle portion.

And while this look for the PS5 might be cool on its own, this customization project didn't end there. The picture that was shared also showed a new look for the PS5 DualSense controller. Much like the original PS1 controller, this new look at the DualSense was primarily gray, with new colored buttons also having been included. Sitting in the middle of the controller also lies the retro, colored PlayStation logo. All in all, this PS5 was a big hit amongst those who saw it on Reddit, with many praising its creation.

Even though this PS5 creation might just be fan-made, there is a precedent for Sony to release a console that looks just like this. When the PlayStation brand turned 20 years old back in 2014, Sony released an ultra-limited model of the PlayStation 4 that looked similar to the original PlayStation. And while it's not certain that Sony would ever do something in this manner once again, perhaps with the 30th anniversary of the platform coming up in a few years, we could see a real version of the PS5 come about in this same style. For now, though, we'll just have to be left hoping that something this cool comes about in the future.

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