PS2-Themed PS5 Going on Sale This Month

A special PS2-themed PS5 is going on sale this month, though it's not an official product from Sony itself. SUP3R5 has announced that its "retro inspired" PS5 DualSense controller and PS5 console will be available to purchase starting on January 8, though this will just be pre-orders for the pieces of custom-made nostalgia. The first of these two products, the controller, will be limited to just 500 units and ship sometime during "late spring" at a price point of $99.00. Meanwhile, the latter of these two nostalgic products, the console, will be limited to 304 units, ship during the same window, and come with the controller for $649.00.

As SUP3R5 notes, "the retro inspired conversion process" for the controller "requires a complete disassembly," which will void the warranty provided by Sony. The console, however, will not be disassembled as part of the conversion process. The side panels will be temporarily removed at one point of the process, but this shouldn't void the warranty, though, for now, there's no guarantee of that.

SUP3R5 notes that the entire process of the conversion process is done with gloves, which means the controller, console, and accessories are never touched by human hands, at least of the unprotected variety.

Of course, if you decide to pre-order one of these products, you're doing so at your own risk. Further, there's a chance Sony will shut down the operation before a single product is shipped, so keep this in mind as well. That said, if you're interested, you can find more details here.

(Photo: SUP3R5)

With how hard it's to obtain a PS5 right now, this may be your best shot at getting your hands on the console, but it's going to come at a premium price point, and of course, there's no saying whether or not it will pique the interest of scalpers and their bots.


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