New PlayStation Event Rumored for Early August

A major new PlayStation is rumored to be happening early next month in August. Although [...]

A major new PlayStation is rumored to be happening early next month in August. Although PlayStation just held a new State of Play stream last week, some have been expecting that Sony will be holding a larger showcase in the near future to talk about some of its upcoming first-party projects. Now, it seems as though such a presentation could happen within the coming weeks.

Rumors of this new PlayStation event come from u/QuimSix over on Reddit. In a recent message from this user, it was said that Sony is looking to hold this new presentation specifically on August 12. No additional information was really shared about the presentation, but QuimSix did stress that these plans could change given that "we are in the middle of a pandemic".

So why should you take the word of one random person on Reddit? Well, there's actually a recent history of QuimSix being accurate when it comes to PlayStation leaks. Just a few short weeks ago, this user shared ahead of time that Sony would be holding a State of Play showcase on July 8. Obviously, that ended up checking out. It is worth noting, however, that not all of QuimSix's predictions for this State of Play came to fruition.

With all of that being said, you should definitely take these rumors with the usual grain of salt. Not only could this date shift around given the current state of the world, but believing rumors of this nature with complete trust is never a good practice. Still, given that August 12 does happen to be a Thursday -- which is the day of the week in which Sony usually holds new events -- some elements of this rumor definitely check out.

If PlayStation does end up holding a showcase in early August, we should end up learning more in the coming weeks. Until then, be sure to keep an eye on all of our upcoming coverage here on

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