3 PS5 Games We Expect to See at May's Rumored PlayStation Event

These PS5 games are rumored to be at the next PlayStation event.

According to a growing number of rumors, a PlayStation event is happening in May. Whether it will be a PlayStation State of Play or the larger PlayStation Showcase, rumors don't seem sure, but what has been floated are a few PS5 games that will supposedly appear, including both announced PS5 games and unannounced PS5 games. 

Sources include, but are not limited to, Jeff Grubb, The Snitch, and a plethora of anonymous leakers. Some of these sources are fairly reliable, others are not, but there are common threads through some of the claims that, at this point, seem like safe bets to be at the show. 

Silent Hill 2 Remake

The remake of Silent Hill 2 has not been confirmed for a 2024 release, but the expectation based on a variety of things is Konami will release the PS5 exclusive sometime this year. Meanwhile, more than one reliable source is claiming it will be present at the next PlayStation event, and if the former is true, then this is a safe bet if nothing more. 


New Astro Bot Game

Recently, The Snitch seem to tease that a new Astro Bot game will be revealed at the May event. Whether it will be a fully-fledged PS5 game, a PlayStation VR 2 game, or another free built-in tech demo, remains to be seen. There is precedent for all three involving the character. Whatever the case, it should be high quality like previous outings for the PlayStation mascot. 

(Photo: PlayStation)


There haven't bene many rumors about Concord popping up at the next PlayStation event, but according to PlayStation itself, the game is releasing this year. If this is the case, it will have to show up sooner rather than later, especially considering we have seen nothing of this game other than a single teaser trailer.

Of course, take everything here with a grain of salt as it ranges from rumors about rumored events to pure speculation. That said, the sources are either good, many, or both. Meanwhile, the speculation is all reasonable. Ahead of the rumored event though, be sure to catch up on all of the latest PlayStation news, PlayStation rumors and leaks, and PlayStation speculation by clicking right here.