PlayStation VR 2 Patent Reveals New PS5 Headset

A new patent discovered by LetsGoDigital might have revealed an updated version of the PSVR [...]

A new patent discovered by LetsGoDigital might have revealed an updated version of the PSVR headset for PlayStation 5. According to the patent, the next version of the hardware will feature a number of improvements, including haptic feedback support, sensors that will tell the user if the headset is being worn correctly, and LED lighting. At this time, readers should keep in mind that gaming companies often file patents for peripherals that don't see the light of day. In fact, Sony also filed a different patent related to VR hardware earlier this year. That said, this is certainly the best indication yet that a new PSVR headset is coming in the near future!

An image of the patent can be found in the Tweet from @Nibellion embedded below.

Of course, this is not the only indication that the console might receive its own VR headset. Earlier this month, Sony's Hideaki Nishino said in a Japanese interview that he expected the VR experience to improve on the company's next-gen console. That would likely mean new hardware, but Nishino remained cryptic on the concept. The current PSVR headset is compatible with PS5, but a handful of VR games released on PS4 are not.

It will be interesting to see whether or not the PS5 does receive its own dedicated VR hardware. Sony has pushed the technology much harder than competitors like Microsoft and Nintendo, but VR remains quite niche, at the moment. A lot of gamers experience nausea when using VR headsets; even if that were to improve on PS5, it will be difficult to prove that to skeptics. The technology is also prohibitively expensive, particularly for fans that just spent $500 on a brand-new video game console. As such, it wouldn't be surprising to see PlayStation hold off for a bit and wait to introduce the newest version of the hardware. One way or another, it's clear that VR is still a priority for Sony!

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