PlayStation Reportedly Creating Its Own Version of Xbox Game Pass

A new report has emerged stating that PlayStation is in the process of creating its own subscription service similar to Xbox Game Pass. Over the past few years, many have started to wonder whether or not Sony would look to develop a platform of this nature following Microsoft's success with the Game Pass model. And even though Sony already has services such as PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, it looks like the publisher is soon going to be evolving the way in which it sells these platforms. 

According to Bloomberg, this new PlayStation version of Game Pass is said to be codenamed "Spartacus" and will allow customers to more easily access games that have come to PlayStation platforms in the past. Spartacus is said to be launching at some point in early 2022 and will also merge PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now. The report goes on to state that because of this new combination, PS Now will end up being retired, although the PS Plus branding is said to be sticking around. 

When it comes to how Spartacus will function, Bloomberg reports that the service will have three different tiers that subscribers can commit to. The first will simply equate to the current benefits that are included with PlayStation Plus, while the second would then give subscribers access to a number of different titles from PS4 and PS5. The third tier, which would be the priciest of the bunch, would then give subscribers access to numerous games from PlayStation's past. The report states that games from PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP would all be included. Additionally, this third tier would also give subscribers the ability to play certain demos of upcoming titles. 

As a whole, it seemed like only a matter of time until PlayStation came out with a service of this type. And while it remains to be seen if Spartacus will end up rolling out in the exact manner that has been described, it sounds like we could learn more about its existence before long. 


Based on these initial details, what do you think about PlayStation's own supposed take on the Xbox Game Pass model? Do you see yourself subscribing to this service if it does end up releasing next year? Let me know your own thoughts and reaction either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.