Pokemon Images Reveal What the Graphics Could Look Like on Rumored Nintendo Switch Pro

A Pokemon fan over on Reddit has revealed what a new Pokemon game with modern graphics could look like. More specifically, the Reddit user has reimagined Twinleaf Town and Route 2021 from Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl in Unreal Engine. The final result is far from state-of-the-art visual fidelity, but a major upgrade on the graphics the series currently boast and could be indicative of what the graphics will look like on Nintendo Switch Pro, the long-rumored premium Nintendo Switch, which, according to rumors, could come with a 4K OLED display and an upgraded GPU.

As you would expect, the post has shot to the top of the Pokemon Reddit page, and features a plethora of comments from Pokemon fans wishing Game Freak and Nintendo would give the series a similar visual upgrade. Many expected this upgrade to come with Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, the first mainline installments on the latest piece of Nintendo hardware. However, while the Switch brought some innovation to the series, a substantial visual upgrade was not included in the improvements.

It's important to note the current hardware isn't holding back the series' visuals. Game Freak and Nintendo could substantially upgrade the series' visuals and the Switch and Switch Lite would be able to handle said upgrade. However, there's no getting away from the fact that the Switch isn't even as powerful as the PS4 and Xbox One. Put simply, it's a dated piece of hardware.

Again, if Nintendo does release a new piece of hardware in line with the Nintendo Switch Pro rumors, it won't automatically upgrade the visuals of the game, but the visuals below will certainly be more possible and probable.

I made Twinleaf Town and Route 201 from Diamond/Pearl in Unreal Engine from r/pokemon

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