Pokemon Mr. Mime Evolution Concept Is Terrifying Players

Every Pokemon fan knows Mr. Mime is creepy and not to be trusted. That said, a new evolution concept making the rounds over on Instagram takes things to the next level. Over on the social media platform, artist "ort.homeless" shared a new Mr. Mime evolution concept for a Pokemon they call Mastermine. And as you would expect from an evolution of Mr. Mime, Mastermime is horrifying.

Not only does the concept capture the creepy nature of Mr. Mime, but it's far better than Game Freak's sole attempt at evolution for the Pokemon, Mr. Rime, which debuted in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Sword on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite to seemingly little fanfare.

As you can see, the concept evolves Mr. Mime from a simple mime into a puppeteer, and at the end of the strings is Mr. Mime, or at least a puppet that looks like Mr. Mime. You could argue the concept is too creepy and mature for the series, but it looks straight from the pages of an official concept art book.

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Of course, this isn't the first piece of fan art to take a stab at evolutions, but it's one of the better designs we've seen in quite some time. Naturally, if you're in fan art of this variety, be sure to give the aforementioned artist a follow. Meanwhile, for more coverage on all things Pokemon -- including all of the latest news, all of the latest rumors, all of the latest leaks, and all of the latest viral fan art -- click here or take a quick gander at the relevant links listed below:

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