There Are a Ton of Fake Leaks about Pokemon Go's Anniversary Event

Last month, dataminers found a line of code in Pokemon Go's newest update, seemingly confirming that an anniversary event was on the way. However, with Pokemon Go's first "birthday" just a day away, Niantic has yet to make any sort of announcement about the alleged event.

Complicating matters are several new "leaks" that have sprung up on multiple Pokemon Go groups and fansites. One of the more popular leaks getting spread around is a screenshot of an announcement for a three day event, featuring a variant Pikachu, increased Stardust and Experience Points, and deep discounts at the in-game shop.

Unfortunately, the "leak" isn't a legitimate one. Not only does the supposed announcement have several typos, it also uses entire sentences from the announcement of the last event.

So far, the actual source for leaks (a Spanish Pokemon Go group with a member that likely works for the translation service Niantic uses) has been silent.

Fans shouldn't get too worried, yet. While Pokemon Go's typical M.O. is to announce an event a few days in advance, the weekend and the 4th of July (a federal holiday in the US) likely messed up the game's typical timeline.


We're still expecting an announcement later today, so stay tuned to WWG for more information when the actual event breaks.

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