Pokemon Go Teases New Pokemon and New Legendary Pokemon for August

Pokemon Go could be adding some new Pokemon next month. Earlier today, Niantic released a look [...]

Pokemon Go could be adding some new Pokemon next month. Earlier today, Niantic released a look ahead at the events taking place in Pokemon Go in August. The blogpost released on Pokemon Go's website revealed few new details about next month's events, besides recaps of the previously announced Ultra Unlock: Part 1 and Ultra Unlock: Part 2 events. However, it appears that Pokemon Go will add a new Legendary Pokemon later this month, as the blog post noted to "stay tuned" to see which Pokemon would appear in five-star raids after August 20th. Additionally, it also teased the addition of new Pokemon by stating that "a certain Pokemon" would appear during the August 24th and August 31st Spotlight Hours. These are deliberate obfuscations and seem to tease upcoming new additions to the game, as opposed to either costumed Pokemon or previously available Pokemon. For context, Pokemon Go has announced Spotlight Hour Pokemon ahead of various events before, which strongly hints that the upcoming month will see some new Pokemon.

The vagueness in Pokemon Go's blogpost line up with the final Ultra Unlock event, which will run from August 20th through August 31st. There are no details about this event save for the dates (Pokemon Go's August event blogpost does not even mention it) and fans are widely speculating that it will introduce Hoopa, a Mythical Pokemon teased during Pokemon Go Fest. As part of the in-game storyline, Hoopa summoned every available Legendary Pokemon to the event, and its signature teleportation ring could be seen in the sky during the event. Hoopa also currently appears in Pokemon Go's loading screen, but has yet to make an actual appearance in the game.

August will also include Chimecho as the Research Breakthrough encounter Pokemon, a weekly 1 PokeCoin shop bundle containing a Remote Raid Pass, and other items, and the appearance of East Sea Shellos during the August 10th Spotlight Hour event and West Sea Shellos during the August 17th Spotlight Hour event. The Shellos variants are region-exclusive based on the Meridian line, which makes the Spotlight Hours a good opportunity to add the Pokemon to your collection.