Pokemon Go Is Temporarily Giving All Players an Extra Premier Ball After Raids

Pokemon Go has announced a temporary fix to the frustrating 'last ball glitch.' Niantic's Twitter [...]

Pokemon Go has announced a temporary fix to the frustrating "last ball glitch." Niantic's Twitter Support account announced that all players will temporarily get an extra Premier Ball after Raids, as they've acknowledged a glitch that makes it impossible for players to catch a Raid Boss with their last Premier Ball.

WWG first reported on the "last ball glitch" last week, although we admittedly had doubts that it was real. Players have speculated on the glitch for weeks, and players posted "evidence" of the glitch in the form of videos showing a Magikarp running away repeatedly after being hit with a throw with a 99.8% success rate.

Pokemon Go acknowledged the glitch's existence on Monday and promised that they were working on a fix. In the meantime, they're giving all players an extra Premier Ball to make up for the Premier Ball that's basically a wasted throw.

Despite Pokemon Go acknowledging the glitch, there's still doubt that the last ball glitch is real. We've received dozen of comments claiming that players caught a Legendary Pokemon on the last throw as recently as yesterday...which is possible only if players get a critical catch. Given the relative rarity of critical catches in Pokemon GO, it seems there's still a whole lot of confusion surrounding the glitch.

Pokemon Go has not given a timetable as to when the last ball glitch would be fixed, but we'd imagine that it will continue to hand out the extra Premier Ball until the issue is resolved.