Ditto Is Acting Pretty Weird During Legendary Raids in Pokemon Go

Ditto appears to be a bit frightened of Pokemon Go's Legendary Pokemon. There are multiple reports that Ditto will occasionally transform into random Pokemon when used during a Legendary Raid. While most players claim that Ditto will transform as advertised, a thread on Reddit has reports that Ditto will occasionally transform into Pokemon like Magikarp, Pidgey, or Hoothoot while fighting the likes of Moltres and Lugia.

So far, there's not a really good explanation for why this glitch is happening in Pokemon Go or how to trigger it. Some theorized that Ditto will only transform into a Legendary Pokemon once per battle (meaning that the second or third Ditto used in a Raid will transform into something else instead) or that players can get Ditto to transform correctly after catching a particular species of Legendary Pokemon. However, both of those theories were disproven pretty quickly.

There is the question as to why players are using Ditto in Legendary Raids in the first place. Ditto is pretty useless in Legendary Raids, as Legendary Pokemon are generally resistant to their own attacks. Even if Ditto transforms successfully into a Legendary Pokemon, it doesn't pick up the Raid Boss's boosted stats or attacks.

Niantic hasn't addressed the glitch yet, but players should just avoid using Ditto in Legendary Raids all together. While using Ditto might be good for a laugh, there are a ton of Pokemon that will help your Raid Team more than a Pokemon that might randomly turn into a Magikarp during Pokemon Go's biggest stage.


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