Pokemon Go Fest Pushes App Back To Top Of App Store

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With recent changes being made to the gyms, the addition of group-based Pokemon raids, and the addition of Legendary Pokemon into the game, it's not hard to believe that Pokemon Go has been steadily making its way back up the ranks in the App Store. With the hype that was built up around Pokemon Go Fest, the excitement from players who were looking forward to picking up a Legendary Pokemon caused another massive wave of downloads to sweep players' mobile devices worldwide, a resurgence in popularity that ultimately propelled Pokemon Go back to the top of the App Store's Top Grossing apps.

When it comes to the top five apps in the App Store, there's usually a couple of safe bets when it comes to what you should expect to see. Pandora, Netflix, and even games like Candy Crush Saga are easy contenders for the top five spots, moving up and down depending on updates and new releases. Pokemon Go was no different when it was first released and throughout the following months, but after a while, it dropped out of the top five. Back in June, the game barely slipped into the top apps at the No. 5 spot amid excitement about the massive upcoming update, and now, it's reclaimed the top spot.

Pokemon Go App Store

Despite the apparent success that Pokemon Go Fest has drummed up in terms of downloads, it'll be interesting to see how that coveted No. 1 spot fairs against how poorly Pokemon Go Fest went over with attendees and players worldwide. Having the most downloads within the App Store that almost guarantee an increase of in-app purchases can only be a positive thing for a gaming company, but having to refund festival ticket prices and give out an insane collective amount of PokeCoins is most certainly not a move that Niantic would probably like to make. It's the right move, but it still surely takes away from the success that the top download spot reflects.

With the big event now behinds us and the downloads done, we'll have to see if many of the new and returning players stick around after the festival debacle. Some might, but it wouldn't be out of the question to think that many players who returned for a second chance have already uninstalled the app and gone back to their Netlix and Clash of Clans.


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