Pokemon Go Gives Out Free Code for North Face x Gucci Avatar Gear

Pokemon Go has provided players with a code that unlocks the North Face x Gucci avatar items for [...]

Pokemon Go has provided players with a code that unlocks the North Face x Gucci avatar items for free. Earlier this week, Pokemon Go launched a new collaboration with Gucci that added digital versions of the brand's collaboration with North Face to the popular mobile game. While most avatar items are available either for free or to purchase from Pokemon Go's in-game store, players originally needed to travel to one of 100 different Gucci locations and spin a Poke Stop to unlock these special items. However, players can now unlock the avatar items for free using the code GXSD5CJ556NHG.

Players can use that code in Pokemon Go's in-game store on Android devices to unlock the items. If players are using an iOS device, they can instead go to the Pokemon Go rewards website and log in using the same credentials that they use for their Pokemon Go account. Once they've logged in, they can redeem the code, causing the items to appear in their Pokemon Go inventory.

Pokemon Go has not announced when the code will expire, or when their promotion with Gucci will end. Many fans are celebrating the code's release as a solid compromise, given that the world is still dealing with a global pandemic and this event required players to travel to a limited number of locations to obtain the items.

In addition to the ongoing North Face x Gucci collaboration, Pokemon Go is also hosting an Unova Celebration Event this week, which focuses on Pokemon from the Unova region. The event's highlights include the opportunity to catch a Shiny Snivy, as well as the chance to battle and capture a Genesect holding a Burn Drive. Pokemon Go also recently announced plans for a Sinnoh Celebration and also has a ticketed Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto event planned for February.