Pokemon Go Just Fixed the Last Ball Glitch

Pokemon Go
just fixed one of its most frustrating and controversial glitches. Players are reporting that the "last ball glitch" has been fixed, meaning that all players can now catch Raid Bosses using their last Premier Ball.

Rumors about the "last ball glitch" have been around since Pokemon Go first added Raids earlier this summer and some players noticed that they could never catch a Raid Boss on the last throw. However, the existence of the glitch was hotly debated, as many players claimed they had caught a Pokemon with the last throw...although no one could provide proof to the contrary.

Debate over the glitch really picked up steam last month after a player posted a video of him failing to catch a Magikarp Raid Boss, even though he had a 99.8% catch rate based on his throw type and other bonuses. Niantic eventually acknowledged existence of the "last ball" glitch and upped the number of Premier Balls given out after raids to give players an extra chance to catch Raid Bosses.

Pokemon Go seems to be quietly making some server side changes to the game, likely in preparation for its next big update. The game also just fixed a glitch that didn't let players get items from gyms while using their Pokemon Go Plus.


Now that the "last ball" glitch is fixed, players can expect to see the amount of Premier Balls they get after Raids to eventually drop by one. Right now, Pokemon Go is still giving out that extra ball, so players might want to take advantage and sneak in a few extra raids before it goes away.