Pokemon Go Buffs Two Berries

Pokemon Go has increased the effectiveness of three types of berries. Pokemon Go is rolling out its major "GO Beyond" update this week, bringing a variety of major changes and updates to the game. As the changes roll out around the world, players have noticed several smaller updates to various parts of the game. For instance, Silver Pinap Berries and Nanab Berries are now more effective when fed to a Pokemon that players are trying to catch. The Silver Pinap Berry now rewards 2.333x the normal amount of Candy when a Pokemon is captured while Nanab Berries now entirely prevent a wild Pokemon from attacking you while you're trying to catch it. Previously, the Silver Pinap Berry only rewarded 2x the normal amount of Candy, and Nanab Berries reduced the chance a Pokemon would attack to 5%.

Additionally, both Silver Pinap Berries and Nanab Berries are more effective when fed to Buddy Pokemon. Feeding a Buddy Pokemon one of these Berries will fill up the Pokemon's Hunger stat entirely, meaning that you only need to feed one Premium Berry to a Buddy Pokemon to have them join on an adventure. Previously, the Premium Berries only filled up half of a Pokemon's Hunger stat. Buddy Pokemon will also become excited more easily, as most Buddy activities will also make a Buddy happier.

While not major, the changes are just one of the many ways that Pokemon Go is trying to improve the game experience for players. The game has also recently increased the amount of XP rewarded for completing certain activities, and overhauled the Go Battle League to make players feel more accomplished while leveling up. The game also increased the Level Cap to Level 50 yesterday and is set to add Kalos Pokemon to the game starting tomorrow. We'll continue to provide updates on these Pokemon Go updates all week.