Pokemon Go Begins Go Beyond Rollout With XP Increases, Espurr Raids, and More

Pokemon Go has started to roll out various parts of its major GO Beyond update, adding new Pokemon and other improvements. This week, Pokemon Go is launching a variety of new features and content updates as part of its branded "GO Beyond" update. These features are starting to roll out around the world. As of right now, Pokemon Go players can now reach Level 50 in the game, will get more XP for completing tasks like evolving Pokemon or making Excellent throws, and can battle the Kalos Pokemon Espurr as a 1-Star Raid Boss. Players who reach Level 40 also gain access to new Timed Research, which will reward everything from a Deino encounter to exclusive avatar items. Some of these changes have a staggered rollout, meaning that some players may not get the changes until later today. A double XP bonus has also gone into effect, with players earning twice as much XP for catching Pokemon.

Other minor changes include players receiving 30 Stardust for feeding Pokemon Berries in Gyms, players receiving an extra Candy when they successfully catch a Pokemon while using a Silver Pinap Berries, and the addition of a variety of Platinum medals to reward players for completing a variety of different tasks. A Buddy Pokemon can also receive an additional 2 Hearts per day when their trainer battles.

These are just the first of a wave of changes to Pokemon Go designed to reinvigorate the player base. The Go Battle League is getting an overhaul with the launch of Season 6 later today, and the themed Season of Celebration will be added beginning tomorrow. More Kalos Pokemon will begin appearing in the game later this week as well. We'll have full coverage of all of the GO Beyond changes throughout the week.