Pokemon Go Inadvertently Suggests Player Go Play in Tornado

Pokemon Go likes to encourage players to get outside, do some light exercising, get some fresh air, and catch some Pidgeys. In fact, it will even send notifications to players with this suggestion. Normally, this is a helpful and friendly reminder. After an entire weekend indoors playing games, retweeting memes, and wasting my life away, it's good to get the reminder that the outside world exists, is pretty cool, and has a ton of Pokemon to catch. However, sometimes Pokemon Go takes things too far.

There's moments in life where going outside is not the right call. Whether high pollen count or because Karen is knocking on the door, there's times in life where taking shelter is required. One of these situations is when there's a tornado outside. Now, we've all endured bad weather for Pokemon Go at some point. Whether it's spending hours walking around in the smoldering heat or in a thunder storm. Sometimes you just need to play Pokemon Go. During a tornado is not one of these times. That said, that's what Pokemon Go recently and inadvertently suggest a player do.

Moments after receiving an "emergency alert" about a tornado warning and the need to take shelter, Pokemon Go encouraged a player to step outside for a bit, because, why not? Nothing like dying doing the thing you love.

(Photo: Reddit)

Of course, unlike Niantic, here at Comicbook.com, we do not encourage Pokemon Go players to go outside during a tornado, unless of course there's a shiny out there. If there is, you're faced with a tough decision. I wouldn't personally recommend risking your life for a shiny, but well, maybe. Depends on the shiny to be honest.

Pokemon Go is available on Android, iOS, and watchOS. It's free-to-play, and sometimes it encourages you to make horrible decisions... but it will get you outside!


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H/T, Reddit.