'Pokemon Go' Announces Palkia as Next Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Go has announced that Palkia will be the game's next Legendary Raid Boss.The popular [...]

Pokemon Go has announced that Palkia will be the game's next Legendary Raid Boss.

The popular mobile game announced that Palkia, the mascot Legendary Pokemon of Pokemon Pearl, will be the game's next Legendary Raid Boss. The Pokemon will appear in the game starting on January 29th and will remain in the game through the end of February. Like other Legendary Pokemon, Palkia will appear as a Legendary Raid Boss, one of the strongest Pokemon players can battle in the game.

Palkia is billed as the "Spatial Pokemon" and has the ability to warp space and create alternate dimensions. As one of the mascot legendary Pokemon, Palkia's addition is a sign that Pokemon Go is starting to beef up its "Gen 4" content as we firmly enter 2019. A Water/Dragon-type Pokemon, Palkia's only weaknesses are to Dragon-type and Fairy-type attacks, which could make it a challenging Raid Boss. Unlike other Dragon-type Pokemon, Palkia doesn't have a weakness to Ice-type attacks, which renders a whole lot of typical Dragon-type counters useless.

Rayquaza, Dragonite, and Palkia itself are considered the best counters against Palkia in Raid Battles. Players can also fill out their team with Pokemon like Salamence, Latios, Gardevoir and Gyarados, provided they have Dragon-type or Fairy-type attacks.

In terms of Palkia's impact on Pokemon Go's metagame, the Pokemon is considered to be a strong attacker, second only to Rayquaza as a Dragon-type attacker and Kyogre as a Water-type Attacker. However, Palkia is a little bulkier than Rayquaza, so there's probably a few situations in which players will prefer Palkia over other Dragon-type Pokemon.

We'll have more information on Palkia and how to defeat this challenging Pokemon when it comes out later this week.