Pikachu Is a Raid Boss at Pokemon Go Fest

Pokemon Go Fest is underway and it looks like there are a few surprises in store for Pokemon Go [...]

Pokemon Go Fest is underway and it looks like there are a few surprises in store for Pokemon Go fans. In addition to the appearance of Heracross and Unown at the event, players are now reporting that Pikachu has appeared as a special raid boss for the event.

Pikachu appears to be a low level Raid Boss with a CP of just over 5,000. That's in line with other Level 1 Raid Bosses like Bayleef, Croconaw, and Quilava.

Interestingly, when players beat Pikachu at Pokemon Go Fest, it becomes a Pikachu that's not wearing the Ash Hat like all the other Pikachu in the game.

In addition to appearing as a Raid Boss, it looks like a real life Pikachu also made a cameo appearance at Pokemon Go Fest.

Currently, there's no other reports of any other special Raid Bosses appearing at Pokemon Go Fest, but players are expecting the appearance of at least one Legendary Pokemon later today...if they can connect to the game.

Other perks seen at Pokemon Go Fest include special PokeStops that distribute special 2 KM eggs. The park also appears to be divvied up into six "zones" which spawn certain types of Pokemon. All players can also get their hands on special discounted item bundles in the store and obtain a free t-shirt for their player avatar featuring a special Pokemon Go Fest Logo.

There will probably be lots of other surprises in store for Pokemon Go players today, so keep following WWG for comprehensive Pokemon GO Fest coverage.

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